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Countdown to the

70th anniversary

The year beginning 1st September 2012 marks the beginning of the 69th anniversary year of the landings on D-Day. It is the beginning of the 4th year of our five year project  "March to the 70th". Subsequently, from that day on, the name of the project will change to "Prelude to the 70th" and the run-in to the 70th anniversary year will begin. In order to manage the final run in, it will be split into two stages as follows; Year 4 will be known as "Prelude to the 70th" and Year 5 "Countdown to Normandy".


Year 1 to Year 3 has seen a number of things put in place. These include the five year Lapel Badges which have proved very popular and a certain amount of Public Relations effort. The collections programme has continued apace and a coach returned to Normandy from the 4th to the 9th June inclusive. With a grant being made towards the insurances of Normandy Veterans Branch members and their spouses/carers. It had always been considered that Year 3 would be problematical owing to competition from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee events. However, this does not seem to be the case as the coach to Normandy was full.


We now come to Year 4 with the Battle of Normandy finishing on the 21st  August 1944, the 69th anniversary year of the landings actually commences as from then. In order to simplify things, Year 4 will commence as from the 1st September 2012, and will be an iconic year for Norwich Branch. There will be a "Return to Normandy" event and the collections programme will be maintained. This will also be the year during which the Branch will immediately commence putting together a programme for the final year of celebration and remembrance, not just for those able to return to Normandy to take part in the celebrations there but those who remain here in the UK as well. Help and assistance will be needed and this will be asked for both through the media and by means of the internet. For those who consider that it is too early to begin all this, it can never be too early, rather that than too late.


As far as it is known, Year 5 will look after itself. We will be able to comment on that as and when we know what's going on... Norwich Branch will however have its own programme of events and will, as ever, cooperate with the National Council during this period.


Whatever happens, rest assured that you will be kept fully informed. Together with the help and assistance from our friends and supporters we will make Year 5 one to remember for everybody. For all the latest news just simple click here.


The Final Launch

By Jack S Woods

A Norwich Initiative.

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